Tuesday's News & Ideas - 9/25/2018

  • Hispanic Catholic summit
  • Redemption in the age of #MeToo
  • Reparations to sex-abuse victims?
  • Kids' religious practices & wellbeing
  • Dallas seminary settles lawsuit
  • Americans: the next climate migrants

In a dark time, Hispanic summit seems a point of light
Crux: V Encuentro summit introduced bishops and the wider Church to the dynamism and promise of Hispanic Catholics.

A scholar of forgiveness explains what makes a good public apology for sexual misconduct
Vox: Theologian L. Gregory Jones, the dean of the Duke University Divinity School, on why "forgiveness should always be a gift."

Should the Catholic Church pay reparations to sex-abuse victims?
The Atlantic: The Church is offering to pay people who can credibly say they were abused as children, but who can no longer file a lawsuit because the statute of limitations has passed.

These religious practices by kids are linked to better well-being as young adults
The Deseret News: Youths who regularly attend religious services, pray or meditate may get a well-being boost that sticks around into young adulthood, according to a new Harvard study that joins a body of research showing benefits from religiosity.

Dallas Theological Seminary settles latest lawsuit over graduate who sexually abused North Texas boys
Dallas News: An evangelical seminary in Dallas has settled a fourth lawsuit claiming that it knowingly allowed a child molester to graduate, enabling him to have access to boys he'd rape years later as a North Texas pastor.

The Spark

'We're moving to higher ground': America's era of climate mass migration is here
By the end of this century, sea level rises alone could displace 13 million people. Many states will have to grapple with hordes of residents seeking dry ground, The (London) Guardian reports. But, as one expert says, "No state is unaffected by this."

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