Tuesday's News & Ideas - 8/7/2018

  • New investigation @ Willow Creek
  • Claiborne on Christians & death penalty
  • Bieber & Pentecostal megachurches
  • On God's side?
  • Guns in church?
  • Hiroshima survivor's search

Willow Creek Church says it will investigate its powerful pastor, Bill Hybels
The New York Times: Willow Creek Community Church announced on Monday that it plans to launch a new independent investigation into allegations that the Rev. Bill Hybels sexually harassed female co-workers and a congregant over many years.

Shane Claiborne: Christians are why the death penalty lives on
Religion News Service: The truth is that the death penalty has survived not in spite of Christians but because of them, Shane Claiborne says.

A guide to the evangelical celebrities and pastors dominating Hollywood
The Cut: In the past four years, Justin Bieber has done for Pentecostal megachurches what Tom Cruise did for Scientology and Madonna did for Kabbalah.

On God's side? The challenge of liberation theology
Aeon: Competing claims of being on God's side are testing the limits of a liberal social order straining to accommodate militant believers.

Are churches safer when worshippers are armed?
Deseret News: How gun culture is changing some churches.

The Spark

Why this Hiroshima survivor dedicated his life to searching for the families of 12 American POWs
Shigeaki Mori was 8 years old and on his way to school when the atomic bomb destroyed Hiroshima. As PRI reports, he has spent much of his life trying to get recognition for 12 American airmen who died that day alongside tens of thousands of Japanese.

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