Tuesday's News & Ideas - 8/29/2017

  • DC clergy protests
  • Rise & fall of Christian bookstores
  • Tips to help after Harvey
  • Twisting the cross
  • No Catholic statues in Catholic school
  • On edge in Houston

Dueling clergy protests over the Trump presidency converge on Washington
The Washington Post: Religious leaders of multiple faiths said Monday in Washington that “the soul of the nation” is at stake and the country must confront its racist past and present.

The rise and fall of the Christian bookstore
The Week: The demise of Christian bookstores may actually be good news for American Christianity itself.

Hurricane Harvey & our response to pray and help
Christianity Today: Here are some practical ways you can help right now.

Twisting the cross: The deadly theology of white supremacy
Religion News Service: Just as the cross has inspired millions of Christians to stand up for life, to fight for freedom and to come alongside victims of oppression, there have also been times when the cross has been twisted, says Shane Claiborne.

California’s first Catholic school removes its Catholic statues
Crux: California’s first Catholic School has recently removed its Catholic statues on campus in an effort to be more “forward looking.”

The Spark

‘Mark yourself as safe’
In Houston, when Carrie Willard checks in on social media each morning this week, Facebook asks her to mark herself as “safe” in Hurricane Harvey. But, as she writes at Mockingbird, she can’t quite do it. “We don’t feel particularly safe, despite several days and nights of safety. We are on edge .”

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