Tuesday's News & Ideas - 8/15/2017

  • Rage we can believe in?
  • White supremacy & the church
  • Image of revolutionary fire
  • Hillary's pastor plagiarized?
  • Convert nation
  • Durham's statue comes down

Rage we can believe in? Responding to white supremacists after Charlottesville
Australian Broadcasting Corporation: The challenge for us in these furious times is to learn to believe that every human life has the possibility of transformation and renewal, so that no one need be eternally categorized as our enemy, says Christopher Brittain.

Russell Moore: White supremacy angers Jesus, but does it anger his church?
The Washington Post: If you are feeling distressed and heated, you have reason to be. White supremacy makes Jesus angry.

An image of revolutionary fire
The New Yorker: In a photograph from Charlottesville, two men extend weapons: one is the Confederate flag, furled, and the other is an aerosol can, modified to spit flames. The composition of this photo is fiercely theological, says Doreen St. Félix.

Hillary Clinton's pastor plagiarized portion of new book
CNN: Hillary Clinton's longtime pastor plagiarized the writings of another minister in a new book scheduled to be released on Tuesday.

Convert nation
The Atlantic: More than one-third of Americans identify with a religion different than the one they grew up with.

The Spark

Durham's Confederate statue comes down
You could argue that the Civil War actually ended in Durham, North Carolina. You could also argue that, as in many places across the South, it never totally ended here, David A. Graham writes in The Atlantic. Until Monday night.

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