Tuesday's News & Ideas

  • Modern hymn writers
  • Converts at Ramadan
  • Catholic-evangelical fissures
  • No safe leadership
  • Ugandan priest in Poland
  • Staying alive

Modern hymn writers aim to take back SundayNPR: The hymn is getting more love from modern worship leaders, even if it's just tagging a new praise song with a classic chorus.

For some converts, Ramadan is the loneliest time of yearReligion News Service: Ramadan is the most social month of the Muslim year, but many American converts to Islam break the daily fast alone, often in front of the TV set.

Dippers dividedThe Economist: The effectiveness of the Catholic-evangelical axis may be compromised by a deepening ideological fissure within the evangelical camp.

Joel Hunter pays a price for political activismReligion News Service: The Rev. Joel Hunter discovers there's a price to pay for becoming the voice of moderate conservatism and coalition politics. "There is no such thing as safe leadership."

Possessed: Polish flock to Mass conducted by exorcistSpiegel: Followers of a charismatic Ugandan priest, famed for his talents as an exorcist, packed a Warsaw stadium this weekend.

The Spark

Staying aliveOur genes and our culture tell us to live as long as possible -- even when living is misery. At Aeon magazine, writer Rhys Southan asks, should we listen?

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