Tuesday's News & Ideas

  • Working together
  • Rev. Barber's leadership
  • Mormon missionaries & social media
  • New priest Q&A
  • Lessons for Anglican congregations
  • America the marvelous

Hands across the gapThe Economist, Erasmus blog: People with contrasting ideas about the ultimate can get to know and respect one another by working together to change everyday reality in big and small ways.

NAACP's William Barber emerges as leader of Moral Monday protestsReligion News Service: Disciples of Christ minister, steeped in the activist traditions of the black church, has emerged as a galvanizing force in N.C.'s pushback against the GOP-dominated legislature.The Atlantic: How to get arrested on Moral Monday: A North Carolina minister's protest

Mormon missionaries to do less door-to-door proselytizing and use social media insteadAssociated Press: Recognizing the world has changed, LDS leaders announce that missionaries will do less door-to-door proselytizing, and instead, use the Internet to recruit new church members.

A conversation with a newly ordained Washington priestWashington Post: A newly ordained priest, one of six in DC, talks about his call to ministry.

Six lessons learned from property recovery litigationDaily Episcopalian: With the majority of the property litigation now seemingly behind us, it may be time to reflect on the disputes with the Anglican congregations.

The Spark

America the marvelousAt any liberal-establishment dinner table in London, say, or Paris, the U.S. will figure as a big, fat, dumb child. But British writer and critic A. A. Gill has had it with European antipathy toward America. In Vanity Fair, Gill says America is Europe's finest invention -- and ultimate aspiration.

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