Tuesday's News & Ideas

  • God & work
  • Women & the Vatican
  • Berlin interfaith proposal
  • More female Mormon missionaries
  • Florida megachurch flounders
  • Wired to connect

The evangelical work ethicChristianity Today: Forget Weber. We don't need social science to know that God cares about our work, Greg Forster says.

Opening doorsAmerica: Kerry Alys Robinson on women in dialogue with the Vatican.

An imam, a rabbi, a pastor, and the legacy of a Nazi churchThe Atlantic: A new initiative hopes to make Berlin a hotspot for interfaith dialogue, but critics say the group's plan glosses over the site's horrific past.

At a younger age, Mormon women are eager to share their faithNPR: With drop in minimum age, there are 11,000 more female Mormon missionaries around the world now than there were a year ago.

Historic Florida megachurch suffers major drop in attendance; 'moral indiscretion' by pastor top reason?Christian Post: A historic Florida megachurch is experiencing major decline, and the first negative impact came from a moral indiscretion by a former lead pastor.

The Spark

Why we are wired to connectWhen we experience social pain -- a snub, a cruel word -- the feeling is as real as physical pain, scientist Matthew Lieberman tells Scientific American. In an interview about his new book, "Social," Lieberman uncovers the neuroscience of human connections. He says our need to connect is as fundamental as our need for food and water.

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