Tuesday's News & Ideas - 7/3/2018

  • 'In God We Trust' blitz
  • Fewer Americans giving
  • ICE raid in Iowa town
  • Donors: investigate Patterson firing
  • Kerala's colorful churches
  • Fireworks guy

A campaign to blitz the country with 'In God We Trust' laws takes root
Religion News Service: This year, five state legislatures passed laws mandating that every public school prominently display the national motto "In God We Trust."

Fewer Americans are giving money to charity but total donations are at record levels anyway
The Conversation: Total gifts from individual donors are rising, at least for now.

An ICE raid leaves an Iowa town divided along faith lines
The New York Times: The detention of 32 workers at a concrete plant opened fissures among the town's churches and secular leaders, and brought an abstract national issue painfully close to home.

Donors call for investigation into trustee handling of seminary president's firing
Baptist News Global: Seven individuals and nine couples co-signed a letter from an executive in the oil and gas exploration business in Houston, claiming the seminary's board of trustees nudged President Paige Patterson into retirement without due process.

Nobody builds churches like they do in this part of India
Quartz: Vividly-colored and shaped like stars, ships, and castles, several churches in Kerala appear to defy one of the basic tenets of architecture -- "form follows function."

The Spark

What it's like to be one of America's top fireworks designers
Fast Company talks to fifth generation pyrotechnician Jim Souza about the fine art of blowing stuff up.

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