Tuesday's News & Ideas - 7/24/2018

  • Small town churches & Trump
  • Roe v. Wade support hits new high
  • Magdalene conspiracy
  • Time for Catholic Church #MeToo?
  • SBC official denounces LGBTQ resource
  • Jonathan Gold, champion of chefs

Small town churches across America, Alabama struggle with Trump's words, actions
The Washington Post: The presidency of Donald Trump has created unavoidable moral dilemmas for a distinct subset of Christians who are overwhelmingly white, overwhelmingly evangelical and more uniformly pro-Trump than any other part of the American electorate.

Poll: Support for Roe v. Wade hits new high
NBC News: A majority of Republicans -- 52 percent -- say the Supreme Court decision legalizing abortion should not be overturned.

A conspiracy to suppress Mary Magdalene? No longer just a Dan Brown plotline
The Daily Beast: There's no good evidence to suggest that Mary and Jesus were married, but recent scholarly research suggests that there was a conspiracy to diminish her status and memory.

#MeToo, Your Excellency
National Catholic Reporter: It's time for the church worldwide to face up to abuse of power by bishops, says Phyllis Zagano.

SBC official labels LGBTQ-affirming evangelicals as 'false teachers'
Baptist News Global: A Southern Baptist Convention official denounced a new resource for LGBTQ Christians as part of "a campaign of biblical subterfuge" arguing that it's OK for evangelicals to be gay.

The Spark

That time Jonathan Gold saved the struggling Night+Market from closure
There were nights when no customers walked through the doors of Chef Kris Yenbamroong's Night+Market in West Hollywood. But as The Los Angeles Times reports, the chef credits his reversal of fortune to one man: the Times' late restaurant critic, Jonathan Gold.

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