Tuesday's News & Ideas - 7/11/2017

  • Political divide & religion impact
  • Black women in theological education
  • CBN insider's book
  • Rubio tweeting Proverbs
  • God & Colbert's ratings
  • MDs with disabilities

Republicans, Democrats divided on impact of religion
Religion News Service: Do churches and other religious organizations have a positive impact on the way things are going in the United States? Americans are divided on that point.

Six Black women at the center of gravity in theological education
NBC News: This year, several trailblazing Black women have made history in theological education.

When the evangelical life is trouble for the soul
The Washington Post: In his book "The Gospel of Self: How Jesus Joined the GOP," Terry Heaton tells the story of the religious right from the inside, as a producer for CBN and right-hand man to televangelist Pat Robertson.

Marco Rubio is tweeting the most Republican part of the Bible
Politico: Each day, the Florida senator is quoting a verse from Proverbs, the GOP's favorite part of the book. Why?

Is God boosting Stephen Colbert's ratings?
The Week: There's more to his rise than just throwing red meat to throngs of Trump-hating viewers.

The Spark

Doctors with disabilities: why they're important
More than 20 percent of the American population lives with a disability, but as few as 2 percent of practicing physicians do - and the vast majority acquire them after completing training, The New York Times reports. Increasingly, though, doctors with disabilities are changing the profession.

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