Tuesday's News & Ideas - 6/6/2017

  • Six Day War anniversary
  • 'I wish I could stop terrorism'
  • Hospitals win SCOTUS case
  • Laudato Si's renewed importance
  • Signs of failure in higher ed institutions
  • Life in the 1950s Sunshine State

How the Six-Day War transformed religion
The Atlantic: Fifty years ago this week, the Six-Day War dramatically altered geographic borders and political fortunes in the Middle East. The Atlantic asked six writers to share their perspectives on how the 1967 Arab-Israeli conflict changed Islam, Judaism, Christianity and Mormonism.
The Forward: Should we celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Six Day War -- or despair?
Literary Hub: Silence is an occupation all its own

Conservatives say Muslims need to stop terrorism. I wish we could.
Washington Post: I wish I could prevent radical Muslim terrorist attacks, because random killings and the fear they invoke are all too familiar. I wish I could, because I long for the Pakistan I knew as a child, writes Afshan Jafar, an associate professor of sociology.

Religiously affiliated hospitals win Supreme Court pension case
National Catholic Reporter: In a decision that has religiously affiliated hospitals cheering, the Supreme Court ruled that federal pension rules don't apply to religiously affiliated hospitals. The 8-0 ruling reverses lower court decisions that sided with hospital workers.

The renewed importance of Pope Francis’ encyclical on climate change
The New Yorker: A blistering indictment of the human failure to care for Earth, it is also a poignant description of the momentous choice now confronting every government, corporation, and person on the planet. “Laudato Si” is a manifesto. If you read it two years ago, read it again now, writes James Carroll.

Here there is danger
InsideHigherEd: Four signs that suggest a higher ed institution may be on the path toward unrecoverable failure.

The Spark

55 color photos document beautiful life of Florida in the 1950s
Palm trees, synchronized waterskiing, leaping dolphins, Cypress Gardens and art deco hotels are all part of this collection of vintage photographs of the Sunshine State.