Tuesday's News & Ideas - 6/5/2018

  • Masterpiece bakery ruling
  • UMC reckoning looms?
  • Multicultural churches
  • Lessons from ABC
  • American Bible Society
  • RFK what if?

Justice Kennedy's Masterpiece ruling
The Atlantic: The Supreme Court found in favor of a baker who refused to sell a cake to a same-sex couple, but used a rationale that sheds little light on the case's larger civil-rights implications.
NPR: In narrow opinion, Supreme Court rules for baker in gay rights case

United Methodist annual conferences meet with denomination's future in flux
Religion News Service: This year, a moment of reckoning looms with the denomination's long-debated conflict over homosexuality -- whether to ordain gay clergy, whether clergy can marry same-sex partners, and related issues.

Why multicultural churches fail
Bearings: "Multiracial" and "multicultural" are not necessarily the same, says Chanequa Walker-Barnes.
Bearings: How multicultural churches can succeed

What the church could learn from ABC
Baptist News Global: It turns out that ABC has a sharper moral compass than the evangelical church in America today, Mark Wingfield says.

How the American Bible Society became evangelical
The Conversation: The American Bible Society, with an annual revenue of nearly $370 million, is one of the largest religious nonprofits, and a highly influential one.

The Spark

The half-century what if?
Robert F. Kennedy would have been 93 this year. Instead, it's the 50th anniversary of his mortal wounding, shot at the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles while celebrating his victory in California's democratic presidential primary. At The American Scholar, Walter Nicklin asks, how would our lives be different if RFK had not been assassinated?

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