Tuesday's News & Ideas - 6/12/2018

  • Church, a sea of iPhones
  • Black Catholics in America
  • Pence @ SBC meeting
  • Why religions condemn suicide
  • Vatican stalls Communion plan
  • Emptiness that religion fills

Many church services are now a sea of iPhones. And clergy members think that's great.
Slate: Until recently, many churches were that rare 21st-century phenomenon: the organically analog space. But walk into most churches on Sunday morning now, and you'll quickly see how much that has changed.

The history of Black Catholics in America
Smithsonian: The Black Catholic Movement reinvigorated the church, with liturgical innovation, new preaching styles and activist scholarship.

Pence will attend Southern Baptist Convention meeting amid turmoil over gender
The Washington Post: The large evangelical denomination meets Tuesday and Wednesday for its most closely watched, and perhaps most tumultuous, annual gathering in recent memory.

Why religions of the world condemn suicide
The Conversation: Most religions have a fundamental belief that all human life belongs to God.

Vatican stalls German bishops' plan to give Protestants Communion
Religion News Service: Disagreements between Catholic bishops in Germany about plans to give Communion to Protestants have spilled out into the wider Roman Catholic Church.

The Spark

The vast emptiness that only religion can fill
Church is more than a place for people to gather because they believe the same things about God, Bonnie Kristian writes at The Week. "Church fills a space in our lives that is meant to be filled. When it is gone, we feel its absence whether or not we know its name."

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