Tuesday's News & Ideas - 5/16/2017

  • Evangelical women bloggers
  • Tips for Francis' Trump meeting
  • Rise of the wedding celebrant
  • First generation Christians
  • Luther & literacy
  • Caregiving & witness to pain

Women bloggers spawn an evangelical 'crisis of authority'
Religion News Service: For many Christian women, including racial minorities, and others whose voices traditionally have not been heard by or represented in institutional churches, the internet has created new platforms to teach, preach and connect.

Suggestions to Pope Francis for his meeting with Trump
National Catholic Reporter: Even in a short time, anything Francis can do to bring Trump to face the realities of the world would be a gift to the entire planet.

For better or worse: the rise of the professional wedding celebrant
Religion Dispatches: As the ranks of the spiritual-but-not-religious have grown, celebrants have emerged to fill a practical need: a made-to-order ceremony that includes as much or as little God-talk as their clients desire.

Grandma didn't go to church: 9 ways first-generation Christians are making me a better pastor
Christianity Today: How do you pastor people when they're not just the only believers in their family, they're the first Christian in generations?

On the Reformation's 500th anniversary, remembering Martin Luther's contribution to literacy
The Conversation: Luther translated the Bible from Latin into a common German dialect that ordinary people could read, without help from clergy.

The Spark

I didn't want to witness the anguish of loved ones in unbearable pain. But how could I not?
Being a caregiver for a loved one facing a devastating illness can be too much for some people, Judith Graham writes at STAT. It takes a lot to hang in there. "I did it because the alternative -- abandoning people I loved because I couldn't tolerate their pain -- was even worse."

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