Tuesday's News & Ideas - 5/15/2018

  • UMC activists unsatisfied
  • Pastors & shootings
  • Pundit pastor Jeffress
  • Embassy move & prophecy
  • Conservative Christian DC tours
  • Altar boy's return to church

United Methodist activists unsatisfied with bishops' recommended plan to avert schism
Religion News Service: United Methodist Church activists who sharply disagree about whether to ordain LGBT clergy or officiate same-sex marriages do agree on one point: A plan recommended by the Council of Bishops isn't satisfying to either side.

Violence and the Eucharist
Bearings: How should pastors respond to shootings?

The pundit pastor
Slate: How Robert Jeffress became one of the most influential Trump supporters in Christendom.

For some, the U.S. embassy's move to Jerusalem fulfills divine prophecy
Religion News Service: For some evangelical Christians and Orthodox Jews, the embassy's relocation is not only a smart political move but a fulfillment of divine prophecy.

This conservative Christian guide to the nation's capital vows to tell you what other tours won't
The Washington Post: A 'Christian history' tour aims to put God back into Washington.

The Spark

'Please ... forgive us': the story of my return to the church
Thirty years after it happened, Don Lambert found himelf telling a priest the story of his fall from grace -- all about the Mass, the cruets, and the frightened child. As he writes at The National Catholic Reporter, it was a story he had never told before.

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