Tuesday's News & Ideas - 4/18/2017

  • Anglican division
  • Travelling while Muslim
  • Princeton Seminary path
  • Bannon's theology
  • Easter collection plate surprise
  • Thick institutions

What Jeffrey John's rejection says about unity in the Anglican Communion
Religion News Service: Jasper John's rejection is about more than one man. It is about the worldwide Anglican Communion and the lingering division in its ranks over homosexuality.

The Trump touch
Commonweal: What it's like to travel while Muslim.

Princeton Theological Seminary's fiscal path forward may include selling real estate, fewer students
Princeton (N.J.) Packet: Princeton Theological Seminary is considering selling or leasing some of its real estate, including its campus in West Windsor, and shrinking the student body as part of a proposal designed to chart a sustainable fiscal path forward for the 205-year-old school.

The theology of Stephen K. Bannon
Religion & Politics: Bannon has crafted his own complex amalgam that combines aspects of Christianity with a profoundly dualistic worldview, an intensely negative view of Islam, and a quasi-apocalyptic historical narrative drawn from novels and popular sources.

Rare $300K coin to fund new home for Indiana church
Indianapolis Star: No matter how generous you think you were when the collection plate came your way on Easter Sunday, something a widow donated to her Valparaiso church earlier this year tops it. By a lot.

The Spark

How to leave a mark on people
Some organizations are thick, and some are thin. Some leave a mark on you, and some you pass through with scarcely a memory, David Brooks writes at The New York Times. What makes an institution thick?

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