Tuesday's News & Ideas - 3/5/2019

  • Young UMC reflects
  • Deep divides in UMC
  • Trinity Church acquires seminary
  • Lent is for all
  • Pius XII archives opened
  • Mentoring leads to a legacy

Young adults reflect on Traditional Plan adoption
United Methodist News Service: Some young United Methodists warn that the Traditional Plan is the choice of older congregants who are not the future of the church, while others praise the plan as being biblically correct.
New York Magazine: 'Where would I go? This is my home': Queer United Methodists' uncertain future.
GetReligion.org: When covering the United Methodist split, remember that there's two sides -- not one.

Deep divides in the United Methodist Church
AL.com: While there are no good church splits, agreeing on how we're going to interpret scripture is a big deal. Or a big deal breaker.

Trinity Church Wall Street acquires Church Divinity School of the Pacific
Episcopal News Service: Partnership with East Coast historic church will mean firm financial footing, expanded offerings by West Coast seminary.

Some sackcloth and ashes can do us all good -- that's why I love Lent
The (London) Guardian: In our fast-paced world of hyper-consumption, this period is a welcome chance to practice restraint and self-reflection, whatever your beliefs.

The secrets that might be hiding in the Vatican's archives
The Atlantic: After decades of controversy, Pope Francis has announced that he will open the records of Pius XII's papacy to researchers -- along with other restricted Church holdings.

The Spark

Want to leave a legacy? Be a mentor
In The New York Times, Jane Brody describes how to make a positive impact that would keep you alive in the memories and lives of others.

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