Tuesday's News & Ideas

  • Rev. Turnaround
  • Papal politics
  • When to step down
  • 63 years at same church
  • Jesus trademarked
  • Tears for hire

Pastor doubles as turnaround expertThe Orange County Register: With managerial training and a penchant for business, UMC pastor preaches the virtues of running religious organizations like businesses.Associated Baptist Press: Church sold as members go missional

Venting and vetting: The brutal side of papal politicsReligion News Service: Selecting a new pope is far less expensive and not quite as mind-numbing as a U.S. presidential campaign, but not much gentler or necessarily more effective.NPR: The hermit pope who set the precedent for Benedict XVI

For aging religious leaders, is it still 'till death us do part'?Religion News Service: Pope's surprise resignation is prompting introspection about traditional understandings of religions' senior management and when, if and how to let them go.

Local pastor's devotion spans over six decadesKTWX-Waco: Pastor Fred Sain began preaching at Prairie Hill Baptist church in 1949 and hasn't left since.

If you take these jeans' name in vain, prepare to meet their makerWall Street Journal: Italian apparel company Jesus Jeans registered "Jesus" as trademark in 2007 and now protects it devoutly.

The Spark

Taiwan's most famous professional mournerCrying on command isn't easy, but Liu Jun-Lin is hired to do it every day, at funerals for people she never knew, BBC Magazine reports. She's Taiwan's best-known professional mourner -- a time-honored tradition in her country that may be dying out.

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