Tuesday's News & Ideas

  • 15 days in Rome
  • When Muslims intermarry
  • Ashes in the Holy Land
  • SC Episcopal clergy: in or out?
  • Pope on US nuns
  • America's iconic race

Fifteen days in Rome: How the pope was pickedThe Wall Street Journal: The inside story: From the Red Room where Bergoglio's name was first dropped to a faithful night on Rome's Piazza Navona.

When Muslims intermarry, do they keep the faith?The Washington Post: When it comes to intermarriage, Muslims are becoming the new Jews.

Want your ashes spread where Jesus walked?CNN Belief blog: A new business called Holy Land Ash Scattering is targeting U.S. Christians as customers.

SC Episcopal bishop sends letters clarifying clergy's standingChristian Post: The provisional bishop of The Episcopal Church in South Carolina has sent letters to clergy seeking clarification as to whether or not they will be departing the denomination.

Pope Francis maintains Vatican stance against US nuns' groupThe (London) Guardian: New pope echoes predecessor's radical feminist assessment of the Leadership Conference of Women Religious.National Catholic Reporter: Pope taps eight cardinals to lead reform

The Spark

The meaning of the Boston MarathonThe Boston Marathon is America's iconic race, the oldest marathon in the country, and the most important, Nicholas Thompson writes at The New Yorker. The finish line yesterday was one of the saddest, most terrible athletic scenes ever. But in an ordinary year it's extraordinary.

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