Tuesday's News & Ideas

  • Sikh in America
  • MBA pastors
  • Great ideas? Nah
  • Priest leaves legacy
  • Medicine remade

Being Sikh in AmericaNew York Times: Amardeep Singh wonders if visible marks of religious difference like the Sikh turban are lightning rods for hostility in ways that don’t depend on accurate recognition.

Ministers with MBAsInsideHigherEd: The combination of a master’s degree in divinity with a master’s in business administration is newer than other dual degrees, but growing, says Dan Aleshire, executive director of the Association of Theological Schools.

Why great ideas get rejected99%: Truly creative works depart from the status quo, which makes people uncomfortable because we hold a desire for certainty and structure. When that certainty is challenged, a bias against creativity develops.

Monsignor Nalepa, longtime pastor, dies at 70 Catholic Review: Monsignor Damien Nalepa, pastor of St. Gregory the Great in West Baltimore for 30 years and a much-respected proponent of inner-city ministry, social justice and non-violence, has died.

Big medNew Yorker: After eating at a casual-dining chain that reengineered elite restaurant fare for affordable delivery to millions, Atul Gawande wonders: Does health care need something like this?

The Spark

Martian roverHas Curiosity gotten the best of you? Americans are transfixed by the Martian rover landing, and images from Curiosity -- and the team that created it -- are fascinating. Wired magazine offers stunning pictures of the landing site; Fox news created a slideshow of the first images; and NPR shows a video of the craft’s descent to the Red Planet. And, in an image that combines the week’s two national obsessions in one, check out what the Olympics look like from space.