Tuesday's News & Ideas

  • Faith after NZ cathedrals
  • Politicians give religion bad name
  • Violence & Hunger Games
  • No child left alone
  • Why Catholics left
  • Top 10 books: 1960/2012

Faith outlives destroyed cathedralsThe (Christchurch, N.Z.) Press: Two cathedrals destroyed in earthquake may have been icons but were increasingly irrelevant as vital centres of worship.

Politicians giving religion a bad nameWashington Post: Americans may find the return of the religious right problematic, but religious beliefs still shape American politics in various ways, says Michael Gerson.

Lenoir-Rhyne, Southern complete merger agreementHickory (N.C.) Daily Record: Lutheran Theological Southern Seminary in Columbia, S.C., to become part of Lenoir-Rhyne University in first merger of ELCA institutions.

‘Hunger Games’ asks us not to watchCNN Belief blog: Hunger Games encourages us to contemplate the ways that we are complicit in violence in our own world and the ways in which we do not object, says Danielle Elizabeth Tumminio.

No child left alone: Volunteers mentor children of inmatesChristian Science Monitor: With 2.3 million inmates behind bars in the US, the goal of volunteers in mentor programs for the 2.7 million children of prisoners is: No child left alone.

Unusual study asks former Catholics why they left churchNational Catholic Reporter: Study suggests new ways the church can approach Catholics who are dissatisfied with what the church teaches or how it acts.

The Spark

Top 10 fiction and nonfiction books 1966 versus 2012How do the bestsellers of March 1966 match up to the bestselling fiction and nonfiction books today? Newsweek compared the New York Times bestseller lists to see what people read then and what they read now and declared a winner. No surprise that 1966 was far more impressive when it came to fiction and nonfiction than what people read today. Welcome back to the 1960s.

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