Tuesday's News & Ideas

  • Retro re-invention?
  • All-American controversy
  • Dashboard metrics
  • Cameron a Christian?
  • NYC churches on the move
  • Escobar tour

Should Christianity re-invent itself by going retro? Washington Post: For those of us who believe in this weather-worn container we call "mainline" Christianity, this is a time of reflection and experimentation.

Christian Right's anti-Muslim war targets wholesome TV series The Daily Beast: Right-wingers attack TV's All-American Muslim for portraying Muslims as ordinary folks, and Lowe's pulls its advertising.

Using dashboards to realign your business Business Week: Like the control panel in your car, a virtual dashboard on your office computer screen displays info that heads off disaster.

The nicest guy in the Vatican America Magazine: Cardinal John Foley was perhaps best known as the English-language commentator for the pope's Christmas Eve Mass, when he would put to use the communications skills he had honed over many years at the Vatican, not to mention at the Columbia School of Journalism.

Richard Dawkins questions whether David Cameron is actually a Christian The (London) Telegraph: Richard Dawkins will suggest this week that David Cameron is "not really" a Christian in an open letter to the Prime Minister attacking faith schools.

Why the Supreme Court ruling is an opportunity for NYC Christians Christianity Today: As churches are forced to find new places to meet, we've been challenged to react with love.

The Spark

In Medellín, notorious figure becomes tourist attraction London had Jack the Ripper. Chicago had Al Capone. The industrial city of Medellín, Colombia had its own infamous son: Pablo Escobar. At the time of his death in 1993 at age 44, Escobar was the world's most notorious criminal. But in the afterlife, The Wall Street Journal reports, Escobar has suddenly become something new: a tourist attraction.

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