Tuesday's News & Ideas - 2/28/2017

  • Targeting a sanctuary
  • Cemetery attacks & fear
  • Religious freedom & values clash
  • Ancient Greek church sounds
  • Episcopal/Union affiliation
  • Gratitude & birthdays

Targeting a sanctuary
The Intercept: After ICE stakes out a church homeless shelter, charities worry immigrants will fear getting help.

Why attacks on Jewish cemeteries provoke particular fear
The Atlantic: Each new incident assumes added significance for Muslims and Jews who see them as part of a broader pattern.

In religious freedom debate, 2 American values clash
NPR: The collision of two core American values -- freedom of religion and freedom from discrimination -- is prompting a showdown in legislatures and courts across the country.

Recreating the sounds of an ancient Greek church in LA
Religion News Service: Unique, auditory moment is made possible by a collaboration between two professors who are recreating the acoustic experiences of ancient spaces.

Episcopal Divinity School trustees vote to pursue affiliation with Union Theological Seminary in New York
Episcopal News Service: Episcopal Divinity School board votes to pursue an affiliation with Union Theological Seminary that would create an EDS entity to provide Episcopal theological education and other programs at Union's campus in New York.

The Spark

Gratitude and birthdays
Yesterday was Michael Sean Winters' 55th birthday. As a young man, he did not celebrate birthdays, he writes at The National Catholic Reporter. Now, he spends  them reflecting on all the reasons to be grateful for the events of the past year.

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