Tuesday's News & Ideas - 2/26/2019

  • Deeply divided UMC
  • Vatican summit step forward?
  • Impact investing & racial equity
  • Catholic universities' value proposition
  • Migrant care & religion
  • Anger can be contagious

United Methodist delegates advance plan to maintain ban on same-sex marriage, LGBT clergy
The (Nashville) Tennessean: Deeply divided United Methodist delegates advanced a conservative plan out of committee to maintain the church's bans on same-sex marriage and gay clergy while dealing a potential setback to those pushing for full LGBT inclusion.
The New York Times: Why a vote on gay clergy and same-sex marriage could split the United Methodist Church

The church took a large step forward after abuse summit
National Catholic Reporter: It was unprecedented to gather the presidents of the world's episcopal conferences together on relatively short notice to address a specific problem.
The New York Times: The Catholic Church's 'ravenous wolves'

Impact investing and racial equity: foundations leading the way
Stanford Social Innovation Review: Foundations are deploying a wide range of impact investing strategies to advance racial equity in the United States.

Do Catholic universities still have a value proposition?
Inside Higher Ed: Catholic universities equip students to address big problems like poverty, hunger and injustice. But how can we articulate that mission in a way that is broadly appealing?

Care for migrants is changing the world of religion
The Economist: Coping with the needs of migrants is catalyzing a change in the Western world's religious scene, and social scientists are taking note.

The Spark

Anger can be contagious - here's how to stop the spread
Even if you're not aware of it, it's likely that your emotions will influence someone around you today. Indeed, emotions - whether good or bad -- can spread almost like the flu or a cold. As NPR reports, the extent to which emotions can cascade is eye-opening.

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