Tuesday's News & Ideas

  • UMC & adaptive leadership
  • Catholicism Inc.
  • Stupid story on papal infallibility
  • Politics of forgiveness in SC
  • ECUSA property battles
  • Remember us

Denomination urged to trust, share leadershipUnited Methodist News Service: Don't be surprised if you hear UMC leaders use the phrase "adaptive leadership" multiple times during the next four years.Christianity Today: Churches: Take a lesson from the Postal Service

Catholicism Inc.The New York Times: Bill Keller says the Catholic Church is a global business in distress.

The New York Times publishes stupidest story ever about papal infallibilityUS Catholic: Pope resignation fever seems to have spiked at The New York Times with its publication of an article on whether a retired pope is still infallible, says Bryan Cones.

Mark Sanford and the politics of forgivenessWashington Post: In "God of second chances" ad, former SC governor hopes to appeal to the Christian nature of the electorate.

All eyes on Texas, S.C. church property fightsReligion News Service: When disgruntled congregations have left hierarchical denominations, they've often lost property battles, but outcomes could be different this year.

The Spark

The ache for immortalityWhen the two Voyager missions launched in 1977, embarking on a grand tour into interstellar space, each carried a copy of a golden record, meant to tell the story of life on Earth. They were hardly the sole example of messages sent to the stars on NASA missions, Aeon magazine reports. They represent a deep impulse that speaks to one of civilization's restless ambitions: the desire to be remembered.

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