Tuesday's News & Ideas - 2/12/2019

  • SBC leaders respond
  • Leaders, check your past
  • Belief in miracles?
  • Why covenant marriage failed
  • Rejected religious liberty claim
  • Writing for white people

Southern Baptist leaders vow to improve addressing sex abuse after papers' report
Religion News Service: Leaders of the Southern Baptist Convention have called the reports by two Texas newspapers of hundreds of sex abuse cases in affiliated churches evidence of "pure evil" and "satanic" behavior within their ranks.
Religion News Service: To Baptist clergy sex abuse survivors: 10 tips from the trenches

Christian leaders, time to check your own yearbooks for past racist actions
Religion News Service: As the debacle in Virginia unfolds, Christians have an opportunity to examine their own individual and institutional histories in order to bring their own stories of racism to light, says Jemar Tisby.

Can we still believe in miracles?
Commonweal: We can, we must, says Luke Timothy Johnson.

Why covenant marriage failed to take off
JSTOR Daily: Three states have legalized covenant marriage, which makes divorce difficult. Why didn't it stick among communities preoccupied with family values?

The religious-liberty claim the justices didn't want to hear
The Atlantic: If the free-exercise clause allows you not to bake and sell a cake, maybe it should also allow you to have an imam at your own execution.

The Spark

The challenges of writing for white people
As a columnist for The Miami Herald, Leonard Pitts Jr. almost never writes "for" any group more specific than people who read. But as he explains at Lit Hub, "If that's the ideal, the practical reality is that, yes, I write for white people."

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