Tuesday's News & Ideas

  • Krista Tippett Q&A
  • Union Seminary's food incubator
  • Remembering Bellah
  • Francis' revolution
  • Saying no to Ky. pipeline
  • Never leave home again?

The public listener: a conversation with radio host Krista TippettChristianity Today: The radio journalist speaks about her faith, vocation, and what most media miss about evangelical Christians.

Union Theological Seminary to open West Harlem's first food-service incubatorNew York Daily News: 'Union Food Incubator' will give aspiring cooks and other entrepreneurs a space to cook up their recipes and attain their loftiest dreams.

Remembering Robert N. BellahAmerica: John A. Coleman, SJ, remembers his teacher, mentor, colleague, and friend.

A revolution underway with Pope FrancisNational Catholic Reporter: There really is a revolution going on, even if some of its content has yet to arrive.

Religious orders Sisters of Loretto and Abbey of Gethsemani deny access to land for gas pipelineLouisville (Ky.) Courier-Journal: Two Roman Catholic communities are refusing to permit access to their properties for a proposed natural gas pipeline.

The Spark

How long until I never have to leave home again?Some days Paul Hiebert doesn't leave his apartment. And as he predicts at Pacific Standard, the day is coming when he'll be able to do everything from the comfort of his couch .

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