Tuesday's News & Ideas

  • Love your (similar) neighbor
  • Faith at the movies
  • Way of the agnostic
  • Lincoln's Third Inaugural
  • Tips for passing on the faith
  • Aging out of sight

Religion can make you a better person, fundamentalism can be damagingThe (London) Guardian: How can we harness the positive finding that while believers are more generous with fellow religionists, it is without corresponding discrimination towards others?The (London) Telegraph: Religion does not make you love your neighbour -- study

As public religion declines, faith goes to the moviesSt. Louis Post-Dispatch: Does an increasingly secular society mean that Americans are not interested in religion and spirituality? Not if our movies are any indication.

The way of the agnosticThe New York Times: Even if it falls short of knowledge, religion can be an important source of understanding.

My Take: Obama delivers Lincoln's Third InauguralCNN Belief blog: Equality. That's what the inauguration was about, says Stephen Prothero. And we have Abraham Lincoln and the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. to thank for it.

Show me the way: How can parents pass on the faith?U.S. Catholic: Whether you're a parent or a volunteer catechist, theologian Thomas Groome says the art of persuasion is key to handing on the faith. Want proof? Just watch Jesus in the gospels.U.S. Catholic: Tips for Catholic parents on raising their kids in the church

The Spark

You are going to diePlenty of people have lamented the way that we in industrialized countries regard our elderly and lock them away in institutions instead of taking them into our own homes out of devotion and duty. Most of these critiques are directed at the indifference and cruelty thus displayed to the elderly. But in the New York Times, Tim Kreider wonders what that's doing to the rest of us .

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