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  • Pope's legacy
  • Scholarly best seller
  • Favorite sins
  • What to give up for Lent
  • Gimme back my snakes
  • Family Inc.

The Pope's legacyAmerica: The pope's primary job is to introduce people to Jesus, and Pope Benedict did that exceedingly well, says James Martin, SJ.The (London) Guardian: US Catholic Church mulls Benedict XVI's successionWashington Post: In picking successor, Vatican must decide what's needed in a 21st-century pope

History of early Christianity named best scholarly book in arts and sciencesThe New York Times, Arts Beat: Since its release in August, "Through the Eye of a Needle," a study of changing attitudes towards wealth among Christians of late antiquity, has become something of a commercial hit.

Americans reveal their 3 favorite sinsCNN Belief blog: A new survey gets specific about the type of temptations most Americans battle against, and shows that men and women seem to wrestle with different vices.

What to give up for Lent? Twitter reveals top 100 choicesChristianity Today: What almost 400,000 tweets tell us people gave up in recent years.

Kentucky pastor wants snakes back that TWRA confiscatedWATE Knoxville, Tenn.: A snake handling preacher from Kentucky had his snakes confiscated while traveling through Knoxville, and now he wants them back.

The Spark

Family Inc.A new generation of parents is taking solutions from the workplace and transferring them to the home, the Wall Street Journal reports. From accountability checklists to branding sessions, the result is a bold new blueprint for happy families .

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