Tuesday's News & Ideas - 12/5/2017

  • Emotional price of being clergy
  • Consumerist church of fitness class
  • Celebrity scientists & religion
  • Faith groups & sexual assault debate
  • Rise in UK clergy union
  • Aristotle on when to unfriend

Not even vicars have the patience of saints
The (London) Guardian: In the UK, a member of the clergy is in trouble for venting on his congregation. There, but for the grace of God, go many of us, says the Rev. Liam Beadle.

The consumerist church of fitness classes
The Atlantic: Gyms provide ritual and community, serving as a sort of religion. They also promote values American culture already worships -- capitalism and overwork.

Can celebrity scientists change the way people think about science and religion?
NPR: Do people like Richard Dawkins and Francis Collins impact public opinion on how science and religion relate? NPR considers a study on the influence of big-name scientists on the debate.

More than the Billy Graham rule: What faith groups can offer to the sexual assault debate
The Deseret News: Christian communities have more to offer in the sexual ethics debate than religiously inspired boundaries between men and women.

Number of 'punchbag' clergy joining Unite trade union on the rise
Christian Today: The Unite trade union has seen a surge in religious ministers joining its faith workers division in the past year, amid claims of increased stress among clergy.

The Spark

When should you unfriend someone on Facebook?
The combination of a divisive political climate and widespread use of social media networks to share controversial material has many people asking this question, The Conversation reports. Here's what Aristotle would say.

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