Tuesday's News & Ideas - 12/4/2018

  • Shadow over Hanukkah
  • At Bush's church
  • Church real estate revival
  • Dorothy Day's closed church
  • Asylum service, 900+ hours
  • Women's restroom lounge

Anti-Semitism casts long shadows over Jewish festival of lights
Religion News Service: Hanukkah is meant to mark the victory of the Jewish people over religious oppression, but this year many Jews have felt defeated as a steady wave of anti-Semitic incidents roiled the country.
The Conversation: How Hanukkah came to America

At Bush's church, a moment of pause for 'a remarkable life'
The Houston Chronicle: While President Bush's name was never mentioned in the sermon or prayers that followed, it was there between the lines.
Religion News Service: I want to die like George H.W. Bush

Church revival: The spirit (or the economy) is moving religious real estate again
WCPO Cincinnati: Church sales hit 4-year high in Tri-State area.

Dorothy Day's closed church could still aid NY community, researcher says
Crux: Selling Dorothy Day's former New York parish to make way for luxury apartments would be a devastating blow to residents and former parishioners in a neighborhood threatened by gentrification, an American researcher said.

To protect asylum-seeking family from deportation, Dutch church holds round-the-clock services for 900 hours and counting
Common Dreams: Taking advantage of a law barring authorities from entering a church during worship, a Protestant church has held services continuously since the family was given sanctuary there on October 26

The Spark

The glamorous, sexist history of the women's restroom lounge
As CityLab reports, separate areas with sofas, vanities, and even writing tables used to put the "rest" in women's restrooms. Why were these spaces built, and why did they vanish?

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