Tuesday's News & Ideas - 12/18/2018

  • Wendell Berry's fiction
  • Baptist abuse, alarm for all
  • Interfaith service for new rep
  • Iranians converting in Turkey
  • New typology for U.S. evangelicals?
  • Taking the same photos

Reign of love
Commonweal: The fiction of Wendell Berry

Cheap grace, shattered witness: clergy sexual abuse among Independent Fundamentalist Baptist churches sounds another alarm for us all
Baptist News Global: Independent Fundamentalist Baptists thought their unflinching orthodoxy would preserve their gospel integrity in a sinful world. It didn't. The rest of us had best take notice.

Interfaith service blesses Oklahoma Democrat Kendra Horn for her new role in Congress
Religion News Service: Representatives of nearly a dozen religious traditions took part in an interfaith prayer service for Horn, who pulled off one of the biggest upsets of the 2018 midterm elections.

Iranians are converting to evangelical Christianity in Turkey
NPR: In Turkey and across the Middle East and Europe, evangelical Christians are converting Muslim refugees eager to emigrate to the West.

How can Christians support Donald Trump?
Religion News Service: A group of scholars are developing a typology that would describe the complexity of American evangelicalism.

The Spark

Why we all take the same travel photos
Photography has always shaped the travel experience, as countless visitors take the same photos they've already seen of Buckingham Palace or the Golden Gate Bridge. As Wired reports, it's less about seeing the place than taking the same photo as everyone else.

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