Tuesday's News & Ideas - 11/27/2018

  • Modernizing U.S. philanthropy
  • NC immigrant arrest outcry
  • Asylum-seeker myths
  • 'Church' or 'hierarchy'?
  • Jim Wallis Q&A
  • Death of charity walkathons

A call to modernize American philanthropy
The New York Times: The giving practices of rich magnates and foundations still suggest a colonial mind-set, the author of a new book argues, as he offers ideas for change.

After arrest of protected immigrant, sanctuary church members cry out for justice
Religion News Service: A group of United Methodists severely criticized the arrest of Samuel Oliver-Bruno, an undocumented immigrant who had been living in their church, as he applied for a deferral on his deportation.

Father James Martin: Stop the assault on asylum seekers
America: How did our country reach the point where we are tear-gassing mothers and children? One reason is because of the widespread myths about these brothers and sisters of ours.

Note to newspaper editors: Change 'church' to 'hierarchy'
Religion News Service: It is time to stop using the term "Catholic church" as a synonym for "Catholic hierarchy," says Fr. Thomas Reese.

Q&A: This Christian activist says believers need more faith, not more politics
Deseret News: Jim Wallis spoke with the Deseret News about his commitment to social justice and the complex relationship between religion and politics.

The Spark

The charity walkathon is dead
Before the internet took over, charity runs and walks were a way for people to raise money and connect around a common cause. But as The Atlantic reports, the heyday of walkathons and other charity fund-raising events may be in the past.

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