Tuesday's News & Ideas - 11/20/2018

  • U.S. gun violence
  • Is U.S. religion exceptional?
  • Can religion unite us?
  • U.S. Catholicism
  • Eiffel's pre-fab metal church
  • Don't have to be grateful

Firearm violence: America's pre-existing condition
Baptist News Global: Implicitly or explicitly, firearm violence defines us as a people in the year of our Lord 2018, Bill Leonard says.

Is American religion exceptional? Maybe, maybe not
Religion News Service: Disagreement is brewing among sociologists over whether America's intense religious devotion is impervious to anti-religious trends in Europe, where faith has dramatically slipped over the past few decades.

Can religion unite Americans?
San Francisco Chronicle: At Denver gathering, progressive, largely Christian religious leaders and thinkers continue to believe that religion can bring us together and that its potential to heal has never been more needed.

What's wrong with American Catholicism
Religion News Service: American Catholics have been like other Americans in losing interest in religion, Mark Silk says.

Church of Guayacán
Atlas Obscura: In Coquimbo, Chile, a charmingly unusual prefabricated metal church designed by Alexandre Gustave Eiffel.

The Spark

You don't have to be grateful
It's the week of Thanksgiving, a time we are to feel blessed and grateful for all that we have. But as Connor Gwin writes at Mockingbird, feeling grateful because you're told to feel grateful is not gratitude. "Hear this good news: You don't have to be grateful."

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