Tuesday's News & Ideas

  • Struggles with religion
  • Wendell Berry on gay marriage
  • Slaying in Alabama
  • View from King's pulpit
  • First Orthodox chief
  • What's with kids these days?

More young people are moving away from religion, but why?NPR: Morning Edition co-host David Greene speaks with six young people, all struggling with the role of faith and religion in their lives.

Wendell Berry expounds on gay marriageAssociated Baptist Press: Kentucky farmer, essayist, writer and activist, sometimes described as a modern-day Thoreau, criticizes theological strategies used to marginalize gays.

Pastor accused of killing wife was known for selfless ministry, but troubled by health problems, say clergy friendsBirmingham (Ala.) News: UM pastor was highly regarded by clergy who say they knew him well and are shocked that he would hurt anybody, especially his own family.Birmingham (Ala.) News: Methodist Bishop comforts church rocked by shooting involving pastor, wife, daughter

Atlanta pastor often feels the challenge of Martin Luther King Jr.Kansas City Star: Raphael Warnock often uses King's old pulpit to address controversy.

Treasury's first Orthodox chiefTablet: Jack Lew, Obama's pick for Treasury secretary, is the highest-ranking Orthodox Jew in U.S. government history.

The Spark

When I was your age…: Or, what is it with kids these days?When Mariz Konnikova was your age, children knew to respect their parents. "We didn't give anyone any lip. We owned up to our responsibilities. Kids these days just aren't what they used to be." Writing in the Scientific American, Konnikova asks, why does every generation think there's something different going on with kids these days , as compared to any other?

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