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Have we fruit?

To bear the good fruit of wellness, we must attend to daily disciplines and long-term practices of the faith. And that includes asking about the fruit we bear, says Nathan E. Kirkpatrick.

Gregory Palmer: Still available

Isaiah’s call to ministry and the unsettling verses that follow are a reminder to clergy to be obedient, trust in the One who sent them and speak honestly, taking risks for the gospel, says Bishop Gregory Palmer.

Five smooth stones

Consider the source of David’s power against Goliath, says Samuel Wells, and ask yourself: As you go forward in life, how are you going to avoid losing your soul?

Cultivating attentiveness

Listening to what is said, and what is left unsaid, is the advent of understanding. And that, says Kevin R. Armstrong, is often the beginning of love.

The madness of ministry

A life in ministry can be filled with tears, sleepless nights and insecurity. But remember: God doesn’t make mistakes. The reason pastors often lose the right perspective on ministry is that they focus on themselves, rather than God, says Cynthia Hale.

Coming soon

When the kingdom comes, the signs will be clear, even for a people who aren’t good at reading them, says Jeremy Troxler. Until then, remember: We are a sign.