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Drive is a social club where people can gather to play table tennis, eat, drink and meet people. Photo courtesy of Drive

Perfect match

Diallo and Jameel Smith have used their entrepreneurial talent in Detroit to both plant Awakenings Movement -- a nondenominational church -- and open a table tennis social club called Drive.

The Nashville Food Project partners with Trinity United Methodist Church to offer a weekly meal which serves about 50 people. It provides an opportunity for people to get to know one another. Photo courtesy of the Nashville Food Project

More than a meal

The Nashville Food Project tackles hunger as a symptom of poverty, with a multifaceted approach that includes gardens, food trucks, community partners and a sense of respect for people in need.

Reaching back to move forward

Young leaders are learning how to practice traditioned innovation, an idea they see in their institutions, in popular culture, in a bird symbol from Ghana.


Traditioned Innovation

Leadership Education at Duke Divinity teaches a way of thinking that holds the past and future in tension, not in opposition.
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