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Hannah Terry, left, holding the microphone, leads prayer at a Wednesday night gathering at the Los Arcos apartment complex in Southwest Houston. As part of Westbury UMC's innovative ministry, Terry lives nearby in intentional Christian community. Photo courtesy of Westbury UMC

Tips to support the innovators in your midst

Learn from seasoned leaders and books strategies to identify and nurture talented people and ideas.

Candle burning

The addition of a contemplative Saturday evening service was part of a radical change in the worship life of Lake Nokomis Presbyterian Church. Photos by Tom Wallace

A Minneapolis congregation finds new life through the ancient practice of keeping Sabbath

Lake Nokomis Presbyterian Church has placed Sabbath keeping at the heart of its life together. Two Sundays a month, they take a rest from work and obligations -- and even the Sunday service.

Several generations sitting together in church

Churches today may have as many as five generations among their members.  Differences between people of different ages can be a source of friction and also an  opportunity for growth.

Haydn Shaw: Churches need to improve their generational IQ

In churches, as in the workplace, generational differences are a challenge. Understanding those differences helps congregations ask the right questions, says the author of two books on generational issues.