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A scene from the South African province KwaZulu-Natal, where Seth Mokitimi Methodist Seminary is located. The seminary educates leaders from South Africa and neighboring countries. BigStock / BennyMarty

Simangaliso Kumalo: Politics, the church and theological education in South Africa

It’s easy to dismiss the church’s political role in countries where political rights are not an issue. But in post-apartheid South Africa, the church and seminary have a critical role to play in developing leaders who will transform society, says the president of Seth Mokitimi Methodist Seminary.

The reintroduction of wolves into the ecosystem of Yellowstone National Park had far-reaching impact. Bigstock / hkuchera

L. Gregory Jones: Metaphors matter

The metaphors we use shape our imaginations about ourselves, our work and our organizations. What might we discover if we thought of our organizations as organisms embedded in ecosystems, wonders the executive vice president and provost of Baylor University.