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Bread Church participants gather ingredients for an evening of baking and spiritual discussion.  Photos by Brian Diggs.

A struggling Texas church is slowly rising again, becoming leaven for the community

Despite years of decline and worries about the future, Austin's Memorial UMC is moving forward in ministry, with bread baking, ESL classes and a decidedly Wesleyan model of church focused not on themselves but on their neighbors.

One of several murals of Pauli Murray created as part of a collaborative public art project in her hometown of Durham, North Carolina. Photo courtesy of Face Up Project, Duke University Center for Documentary Studies

Alaina Kleinbeck: Put your power to work to address systemic oppression

Christian leaders have the responsibility to think institutionally about our power and the ways in which it reiterates the systemic injustices we observe in our world, writes the director of Duke Youth Academy.

Teamwork is an essential part of military life, as in this tug-of-war competition between Army soliders and multinational allies during a NATO exercise. Photo by U.S. Army Pfc. James Dutkavich.

Mel Baars O'Malley: None of us can do much on our own

In a divisive time, when so many leaders regard working together as a sign of weakness, an Army chaplain shares a lesson she’s learned in the military: Whatever our differences, we must figure out how to cooperate. It’s the only way we can all survive.