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Pastor Randy "Mack" Wolford's yellow timber rattlesnake Sheba slithers around his neck during an outdoor worship service in May 2011 at Panther, West Virginia.  Photos by Lauren Pond

Lauren Pond: 'Test of Faith: Signs, Serpents, Salvation'

A documentary photographer discusses her award-winning photos of Pentecostal serpent handlers, her struggles after witnessing -- and photographing -- one pastor’s death, and how the project has changed her life and work.

Black and white photo of woman directing a church choir

Harriet Ziegenhals was an organist, singer, pianist, composer, arranger, teacher and the founder-director of the Community Renewal Chorus, part of a faith-based Chicago mission agency that advocates for social and economic justice. Photo courtesy of Gretchen Ziegenhals

Gretchen E. Ziegenhals: Learning leadership through the metaphor of music

Years of watching her mother direct a chorus taught the author that leading a diverse community requires radical acceptance of all people, careful listening and a clear vision.