Thursday's News & Ideas

  • Latino evangelicals
  • Thatcher's faith
  • Adventists at 150
  • Mental illness & church
  • Local costs of seminarians' kids
  • iPhone killing creativity

How Latinos are changing American ChristianityWashington Post: The tremendous upsurge in Latino "born-again" evangelicals is transforming not only Latino culture, but American Christianity.

High office, low churchThe Economist: In religion, as in so much else, Margaret Thatcher was a bundle of paradoxes.

As they turn 150, Adventists still pray for the apocalypseReligion News Service: Seventh-day Adventists built one of Christianity's most inventive and prosperous churches, all the while praying for the world to end as soon as possible.

Suicide of star pastor Rick Warren's son sparks debate about mental illnessWashington Post: Evangelical Christian leaders have begun a national conversation about how their beliefs might sometimes stigmatize those who struggle with mental illness.

Seminary agrees to meet with townSalem (Mass.) News: Gordon-Conwell to meet with town selectmen to discuss costs associated with educating the children of seminary students in the public schools.

The Spark

The iPhone killed my creativityBrian S. Hall loves his iPhone. He takes it with him everywhere. But, as he explains at, he's starting to fear it may be killing his creativity. By keeping our minds constantly engaged, the iPhone robs us of an essential element of creativity: boredom.

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