Thursday's News & Ideas - 9/27/2018

  • Young clergy in short supply
  • No more 'OT bad/NT good'
  • Latest attack on Islam
  • Merton & Rule of St. Benedict
  • Field guide to English clergy
  • Why people help after disasters

Young clergy still in short supply
United Methodist News Service: Young clergy -- under age 35 -- continue to be rare in the United Methodist Church. And women clergy are dropping in number and in their percentage of the young clergy group.

Old Testament 'bad,' New Testament 'good': a dangerous (and mistaken) assumption
Religion Dispatches: The "Old Testament bad, New Testament good" thing has got to go.

The latest attack on Islam: it's not a religion
The New York Times: Too many Americans would deny Muslims the religious liberty they insist upon for Christians.

How a monk learns mercy
Commonweal: Luke Timothy Johnson on Thomas Merton and the Rule of St. Benedict.

The English clergy at their oddest -- a compendium
The Spectator: "A Field Guide to the English Clergy" is a faux-archaic, fogeyish journey around England's oddest vicars.

The Spark

There's a sociological explanation for why people rush in to help communities struck by disaster
It's a popular myth that when disasters strike, people become looting, panicking, clown-trampling George Costanzas. But as Pacific Standard reports, in reality, we're more likely to rush in to help others than run them over to save ourselves.

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