Thursday's News & Ideas - 9/21/2017

  • Public theology in retreat
  • Faith & questioning court nominees
  • Osteen opens church to displaced synagogue
  • First American-born saint?
  • Learning leadership?
  • Mass, & son with Tourette's

Public theology in retreat
Los Angeles Review of Books: In a manner of speaking, Niebuhr's unwonted successor is already with us. His name is David Bentley Hart.

Bad faith?
Commonweal: Questioning of Catholic appellate court nominee and the subsequent outcry by conservatives about the statements made by Democratic senators, demonstrate just how confused debates over religion's role in American political life have become.

After Harvey criticism, Joel Osteen opens church to Jews for High Holy Days
Religion News Service: L'Shanah Tovah, y'all. Joel and Victoria Osteen, leaders of Houston's Lakewood Church, are offering that Hebrew "happy new year" greeting to a displaced Jewish congregation.

The Oklahoma priest who could become the first American-born man to be canonized a saint
The Washington Post: Pope Francis and the American Catholic Church could both come out winners if Father Stanley Rother is made a saint

Can leadership be learned?
Christianity Today: You do not have to be a natural-born leader to become a great leader.

The Spark

Going to Mass with my son who has Tourette's
Cyndia Rios-Myers, her husband and their 10-year-old son make it through the church doors without a yelp. Reaching the pew, they kneel and pray, then sit back and get ready for the celebration of Mass, she writes at Busted Halo. "I let out a breath of relief. We did it."

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