Thursday's News & Ideas - 9/14/2017

  • Francis reframing 'prolife'
  • Bannon unites bishops
  • Gushee's farewell column
  • It began with Adam & Eve
  • Online church, real church?
  • Rx: a walk in the park

How Pope Francis reframes the politics of being 'prolife'
Commonweal: Since his election almost five years ago, the pope has rejected a narrow, single-issue framing of what it means to be "prolife" in ways that offer a refreshing, long overdue challenge to a binary U.S. political narrative.

Thank you, Steve Bannon
Religion News Service: If there was ever any doubt about the bishops' campaign for immigration reform, Steve Bannon's recent attack will encourage the bishops to double down.

After thirty years, a farewell column
Religion News Service: David Gushee marks his voluntary departure from what used to be called "opinion writing" and what today is called the blogosphere.

It all began with 'Adam and Eve'
NPR: In his new book, Stephen Greenblatt argues that the world wouldn't be the same without the story of Adam and Eve -- the primal narrative that shapes how we think about almost everything.

Is online church real church?
Christianity Today: It's real, but it's not enough. A full church experience requires flesh-and-blood people to share physical space together.

The Spark

Take 2 hikes and call me in the morning
As Scientific American reports, some doctors are prescribing a walk in the park as good medicine for not just physical, but also mental health

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