Thursday's News & Ideas - 8/31/2017

  • Osteen fiasco & American Christianity
  • Nashville Statement impact?
  • Evensong surge
  • African spirituality & community
  • Political party identity
  • Case against provocation

The Joel Osteen fiasco says a lot about American Christianity
BuzzFeed News: The backlash against Lakewood Church's response to Tropical Storm Harvey speaks to a larger powder keg of resentment directed at evangelical Christianity in the United States right now.
Religion Dispatches: Searching for moral high ground while Houston drowns: a perspective on the Lakewood Church controversy

Take a deep breath. The Nashville Statement won't change anything.
Religion News Service: A casual reader of the Nashville Statement can quickly spot its problems, regardless of their theological convictions.
Religion News Service: Evangelical leaders try to hold the line on gender

Evensong sees a surge even as British church attendance declines
Religion News Service: In Britain, where churchgoing is mostly in decline, what has drawn the crowd on a late afternoon in August is evensong, the hymn-heavy evening service taken from the Book of Common Prayer.

African spirituality is unique in its commitment to community
US Catholic: God is in the ties that bind all of creation together, says Father Stan Chu Ilo.

Political party identities stronger than race or religion Americans' strongest attachment -- stronger than race, religion or ethnicity -- is political party, and it's amplifying political polarization, researchers say.

The Spark

A case against constant provocation
As a columnist for America, Nathan Schneider's job is to provoke people. But not this time, he writes. Provocation comes at us all the time now. Yet, some of the most radical, faithful, powerful people he knows are among the least prone to being provoked.

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