Thursday's News & Ideas - 8/23/2018

  • Theology of wisdom
  • Catholics desperate for reform
  • Too late for reform?
  • U.S. Christians & sex
  • Coca-Cola Church
  • Cancer, cure for racism

How can a theology of wisdom serve our faith communities?
Baptist News Global: As models of church and ministry continue to change, wisdom is more important than ever, says Molly T. Marshall. Where do we turn for this?

Catholics are desperate for tangible reforms on clergy sex abuse
The Atlantic: Pope Francis says he supports a "zero-tolerance" policy, but some insist those words are not enough.
National Catholic Reporter: We can only move forward when we name the evil of clericalism

It's too late. Not even Pope Francis can resurrect Catholic Ireland
The (London) Guardian: Francis seems a fine person, and the faithful will greet him with joy. But he can't repair the ruins of a corrupt, abusive institution, says Flintan O'Toole.
Macleans: It's not what the Church has done, it's that we don't really care anymore

What we talk about when we talk about sex
The Christian Century: The intersection of race and sexuality is the ur-story of American culture.

There's a church in Mexico where Coca-Cola is used in religious ceremonies
Business Insider: In the southernmost part of Mexico, in the state of Chiapas, lies the so-called "Coca-Cola Church."

The Spark

The cure for racism is cancer
Two years ago, poet Tony Hoagland was diagnosed with cancer and underwent surgery followed by chemotherapy at MD Anderson. Writing about the experience at The Sun magazine, he says, "America, that old problem of yours? Racism? I have a cure for it: Get cancer."

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