Thursday's News & Ideas - 8/2/2018

  • Why Americans go to services
  • Belief & income inequality
  • Pope opposes death penalty
  • Ala. Methodists' struggle with race
  • Politics @ 1st Baptist Dallas
  • Mansplaining explained

Why Americans go (and don't go) to religious services
Pew Forum: Many cite practical or personal reasons, rather than lack of belief, for staying home.

Study: most wealthy countries aren't religious. Then there's the US.
Vox: America is the most religious wealthy country in the world, according to a recent survey.

Pope changes teaching to oppose death penalty in all cases
The (London) Guardian: Pope Francis has said the death penalty is "inadmissible" and that the Catholic Church would work for its abolition across the world.

Alabama bishop met race challenge
United Methodist News Service: William Nicholas' new book "Go and Be Reconciled" describes Alabama Methodists' struggle to integrate their conferences amid major civil rights events.

At Jeffress' First Baptist Church of Dallas, Trump support is part of a 150-year tradition
Religion Dispatches: The First Baptist Church of Dallas didn't just get political. It's been that way for a long time.

The Spark

Mansplaining, explained in one chart
Kim Goodwin was asked to help some colleagues tell if they were being helpful or condescending. So, as the BBC reports, she created a simple chart -- which went unexpectedly viral.

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