Thursday's News & Ideas - 7/5/2018

  • Hope for America
  • Cult or parachurch organization?
  • Holy family caged
  • Catholic Church & LGBT rights?
  • Outoor wild churches
  • Eating for peace

Hope for America as we know it can be
Baptist News Global: Sometimes it's those moments at the door after worship that feel the most holy, says the Rev. Amy Butler.

Amy Coney Barrett is allegedly a member of a religious group that's been called a "cult"
Slate: What is People of Praise, really? An ominously metastasizing "cult" or a thriving parachurch organization?

Christ Church Cathedral Indianapolis 'detains' Jesus, Mary, Joseph to protest Trump's immigration policy
The Indianapolis Star: Nativity statues of the baby Jesus, Mary and Joseph, which usually mark Christmas, were incarcerated Tuesday on the lawn of Christ Church Cathedral behind a chain-link fence topped with barbed wire.

Can the Catholic Church 'evolve' on L.G.B.T. rights?
The New York Times: What does the revolution in L.G.B.T. rights mean for the Catholic Church, an ancient institution that thinks in centuries, and holds a view of human sexuality at odds with the shifting cultural winds?

Church goes 'wild' as believers and seekers head for the trees
Religion News Service: The Wild Church Network connects people who long to reconnect their religious practice with the natural world.

The Spark

Eating for peace
According to anthropologists and psychologists, cuisines from international cultures can take us out of ourselves and help us better understand distinct people and cultures. As Nautilus reports, the secret ingredient is empathy. And the process begins with stirring our emotions.

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