Thursday's News & Ideas - 7/27/2017

  • Religious freedom ambassador
  • Transgender ban & Christian conservatives
  • Religion & partisan divisions
  • UMC embraces TED Talks
  • Getting Amish produce to market
  • Any child can be gifted

Trump to nominate Sam Brownback as religious freedom ambassador
Associated Press: Brownback's fellow Republicans called the job a good fit for him, and some conservative religious groups had pushed for the appointment.
Kansas City Star: Kansas lawmakers say 'good riddance' as Brownback prepares to take Trump post

Trump transgender ban nod to Christian conservatives
Associated Press: Hungry for political momentum, Trump transgender ban energizes Christian conservatives.

Jesus said punch up, not down: Why William Barber's attack on the religious right may not be what it seems
Religion Dispatches: Paradoxically, the harder you push for a shared Christian identity over and against partisan identities, the more you reinforce the partisan divisions.

United Methodists embrace TED Talks
United Methodist News Service: TED Talks have found their way into United Methodist life. The talks influence preachers and are shown in a variety of church settings to spark discussion.

How Amish produce gets to Whole Foods -- without the internet, tractors, or phones
New Food Economy: Amish farmers are collaborating with their non-Amish neighbors to stay competitive in a food marketplace increasingly defined by technological advancement and centralization.

The Spark

Why there's no such thing as a gifted child
Even Einstein was unexceptional in his youth. Now, as The (London) Guardian reports, a new book questions our fixation with IQ and says adults can help almost any child become gifted .

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